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Charlie Puth

About Charlie Album

American musician Charlie Puth's third studio album, titled Charlie, was made available to the public on October 7, 2022 by Atlantic Records. Puth calls it his most personal album to date and it is his first album in four years following Voicenotes. After deciding to abandon the original version of the album in 2020 due to unfavorable single sales and reviews, Puth took some time to "recalibrate" and got the idea to tease the songs he was writing. He ended up teasing nearly the entire album on TikTok, which caused several of the songs to become popular on the app. Six singles came before Charlie: "Light Switch", "That's Hilarious", "Left and Right" featuring Jungkook of BTS, "Smells Like Me", "I Don't Think That I Like Her" and "Charlie Be Quiet!".

Released December 29, 2022
Duration 33:22
Artist(s) Charlie Puth
Genre Pop